Being young is hard

I am a teenager. And like any other teenager I have problems. Stupid things inside my brain and butterflies in my stomach. We learn new things every day and we make mistakes. Big mistakes. We cheat and we lie. We fight over useless things with our parents and friends. Then we regret it, but we do it all again. We fall in love almost every day and most of the times we end up with our hearts broken. We stay up late having deep conversations, or just thinking about life and about our future. We love to party! We laugh a lot but sometimes we cry. We are happy, excited, sad and confused all at the same time. We take pictures and create memories daily. High-school is amazing and cruel. We get judged if we don’t dress well, if we have crazy or weird friends, if we have bad grades or we are nerds. High-school is the place where I’ve met my best friends and my crush. I’ve learned a lot about myself and about people in general. I’ve learned that we have to take risks in order to win and damn it, I love being a teenager. I am afraid of growing up but at the same time I wish having a career, my own house and a family. We love taking long naps without knowing how many centuries we are going to sleep. We smile, we experience, we make plans, we cry and we have “inside” jokes. For me, this is being a teenager!


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